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Most popular questions:

When is the next update coming out?

I'll release the date of the next update in the post when it becomes precisely known.

When will the new version be released for patrons of $ 5/20?

Access to new versions of the game opens in accordance with Tiers. Silver patrons - Updated SD-version (720p) available in 2 weeks after release. Platinum patrons Lvl.1 - Updated FULL HD Extra version (1080p) available in a week after release. 

I can not find links to download the game.

Download links are available in release posts. On the main page of Patreon, you can find links to it.

I can’t install the game on Android.

This link has a detailed guide on how to do this: Android Installation Guide

How can I transfer saves from the previous version on Android?

This link has a detailed guide on how to do this: Guide to transfer the save folder to the new version of the game on Android

What is the code for and where to find it?

The code is needed to update the game online. Online updating is still in beta, so it is available only for WIN and on some MACs. The code is in the download posts. If you are unable to update using the code, then you can always download the game completely from the link.

How can I download only a fix update?

You can easily update the game with the update code provided in the download posts. Just select "update game" in the main menu and enter the code.

How many more versions can we expect before the next chapter starts?

Will see :) 

I get an error in the game. What should I do?

You need to send me a save file made before the error occurred, and the text of this error in a personal message on the Patreon.

I think I missed some events in the game. Does the latest version include all content of the game?

 After you have finished playing Ep.1, you need to download Episode 2: New Life. It contains versions v1 - v16. Episode 3: Crossroads is a continuation of Episode 2. Version numbering in Ep.3 has been changed and it starts not from v17, as it was before, but from v1.

Questions about the game:

Episode 1

Where do I find the walkthroughs for Episode 1?

It's here: Walkthrough_Episode_1

What is the differences in bitch monica and good monica in episode 1 and how its effects the game?

Many of Monica's decisions in episode 1 will have not global repercussions in the next 2 eps. But whether Monica should be decent or not is up to you to decide. Playing the bitchy route will definitely bring you more and naughtier scenes in Ep2.

Why i didn't get option "I’ll come another time, not now" to lead to Secret Ending 1 at episode 1. Even though i have follow the walkthrough?

That's because you did not click on one of the interior/shop items. If your Monica have been super nice all the time and clicked on all items which decrease your bitchiness, then you can get the one of happy ending. See the walkthrough for details.

How do I properly save the game in episode 1 to go with it in episode 2?

Finish/save your game in the basement before you shall sleep and load that game in Ep2.

Which path has the most scenes? Bitchy or Nice?

There are several storylines in the second episode. It all depends on how Monica behaves, so try to stick to the direction you choose: either being nice and fluffy - this will make the game easier and faster, or angry and bitchy - the overall process will be slower, but there will be more scenes.

Episode 2

Where do I find the walkthroughs for Episode 2?

It's here:
* with pics, up to Ep2 v11, w/o Bardie's storyline Walkthrough_Episode_2 with pics
* w/o pics, but up to the final version Ep2 v16, w/o Bardie's storyline Walkthrough_Episode_2

Are there any gameplay improvements that make life easier for the player?

There are many things that simplify gameplay.  
The official cheat menu where you have the ability to:
 * adjust the settings of bitchiness and corruption;
 * turn off hunger;
 * add money;
 * get out of the house without changing your clothes;
 * when you select the desired location, the appropriate clothing for that location will be suggested automatically;
 * skip a day or week, etc.

How to enter the cheat menu?

You need to click on the picture in the former bedroom of Monica. Using this menu, you can increase or decrease the level of corruption, bitchiness, turn off hunger and add some money to Monica.

FB bedroom cheats.jpg

How can I grow quick the corruption of Monica?

You can cheat the corruption by pressing SHIFT+O (console) and enter "$(space) corruption = ....". (space) means space key. Now, a cheat menu has become available. You need to click on the picture in the former bedroom of Monica. Using this menu, you can increase or decrease the level of corruption, as well as add some money.

What does "Bitchiness" and "Corruption" affect?

These "parameters" do not affect the consequences of the decisions Monica makes in the first episode. However, their values determine the variation of choices in the dialogues of the second and third episodes.
In the game, there are dialogues in which certain options will be available only to the decent Monica or only to the bitchy Monica. Accordingly, the content following these options may also differ. Corruption directly affects Monica's ability to do naughty things and it is recommended to pump it up to high levels (900+).

I already done a photo shoot, but it shows up as unfinished.

For the event list to mark each photoshoot as completed you will need to do each shoot at least twice. Take note when you repeat a shoot of the dots on the arrows. They represent angles that you already saw the first time:
Make sure you hit the arrows without a dot on the second shoot for the event list to be able to mark it complete. The game doesn't need you to complete all the photoshoots twice. Once is enough for almost all shoots. There is 1 shoot that must be completed twice but other than that just doing the shoot is enough.
The pink dress shoot needs to be done 3 times for event list to mark it as complete. The shoot before the first public event at the hotel doesn't mark off any angles. The event list is wrong in saying that you need to complete the pink dress shoot for the Melanie shoot. All the shoots leading to Melanie's shoot only need to be done once.

Biff does not allow Monica to star in a new photoshoot and says that Monica did not work, although this is not so.

Monica should come to work and work in her office until the evening. After that, she needs to go to Biff and ask for a job.

How can I take part in the two latest photo shoots? I did the rest with the maximum points.

It seems Melanie is not disappeared yet. Try to find her in the makeup room by day.

"If Monica does not work well and treats Julia badly, Fred will go to the office, and Julia's screenplay will begin (5 small events)". I can not see anything, I'm talking to Julia, but nothing happens.

Monica needs to treat her bad. Make her work late, etc... 

Not able to go to Melani's scenes. Biff keeps on repeating the photoshoot.

Do you mean the start of v0.7? Melanie's event is? Starting after talking with her and choosing new dialogues every time.

I keep getting a photo session locked when choosing to flash the ass at the end of the photoshoots. I have completed all the sessions. Any way around this?

Did you make all the shots? Take a look at the numbers in the left upper corner of the screen.

Biff told Monica there would be no work next week. How does Monica make $ 5,000?

 If Steve has already visited Ralph and Betty once, then Monica needs to go to Ralph (in the living room) and ask him about the guest. The second time Steve comes to visit at the end of the week after this conversation. With Steve's help, Monica can earn $ 5,000.

Monica sleeps in an apartment in Slums and when visiting Steve's office she calls him an idiot and refuses to communicate with him.

This is a bug, and to prevent this from happening, send Monica to sleep in the basement of her mansion. If she sleeps in the basement, the next time she visits Steve's office everything will be fine.

Melanie doesn’t come back after she leaves for Marcus.

Melanie will be back after Monica does the "Scarlet Pearl" and "Forbidden Desire" photo shoots at least once each. 
Then, while wearing a red dress from the clothing store, Monica needs to talk to Biff and "ask about the job. Also, the "Earn $5,000 for Victoria" quest must still be open during the week. If you have already contracted with Steve that week before meeting with Biff, Melanie will not return.

Why is there no more Bardi content?

The Bardi storyline has been removed from all versions of the game.

How do you raise Betty Level 3?

Monica needs to clean the house every day until Betty’s level is 3. When cleaning the house, Monika not only increases her level of corruption but also increases Betty’s level. After Betty’s level is 3 and she will call Monica with her to the fitness, cleaning the house will be enough once a week.

The relationship with Ralph does not develop beyond Level 1.

In the Bardy version of episode 2, the events with Ralph take place much later than in the official walkthrough. Keep doing any Bardie and Betty events in your event list, bring your relationship with them to Level 4. Do the events that lead to Steve visiting, play through both visits and then continue any Bardie and Betty related events until Bardie visits Monica in her room. In this version Bardie tells Monica to seduce Ralph. The Ralph scenes were not added to episode 2 untill the last couple of updates of it.

I have completed the task of showings boobs and dancing to stranger so many time but my quest log is not updated.

Talk to the guy in the black tracksuit. Make sure you don't click on the blowjob option until you've seen all of the bare chest and topless pole dancing scenes with each slum dweller. If you click on this option earlier, you will be denied access to all of the pole dancing scenes you have not yet seen. This is a bug that has not yet been fixed.

How to start dancing on a pylon in the slums? Where is the guy in the yellow t-shirt?

The next day after a public event at the hotel, Monica goes to the kebab seller and hands out leaflets. A guy in a yellow t-shirt is standing on Dirty Street. Monica needs to approach him.

How to get started at Shiny Hole Pub?

After Monica thanks her savior in the slums near the pylon, the location Shiny Hole Pub becomes available. It is located next to the hostel. You need to go to the pub and talk to the bartender. Then go out and go to the pub again and ask the bartender for a job.

How to start a quest where Monica will go with her secretary to the slums?

After Monica earns $ 50 by showing her bare breasts to a guy in the slums. Next time he would offer her $ 1 to see her breasts again. And he would ask her to bring someone else here. If Monica already works in the office and wears office clothes, she can apply to the Secretary with this proposal (the quest is only available in Extra version).

Episode 3

Where do I find the walkthroughs for Episode 3?

It's here:Walkthrough_Episode_3

How to gather reports and finish amusement for daddy quest?

 Click on all workers in the office. Next time the reports will be collected instantly (click once on any worker and select the "Collect all reports" option).

Where to find client from Working on streets>Fair competition and quest says "go to the client near the prostitute spot in the slums during the day"?

Send Monica to the Crossroad location (daytime), there you will see a client standing in front of the prostitutes.


Click on his figure and the scene begins.


What is the sequence of Monica's poses during her training with Marcus from the Ep3 v6 update?

Marcus route hint: 1,9,10,2,8,4,7,6,5,9,3 (by Dole)