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* By stealing food from the gas station
* By stealing food from the gas station
* By giving out shawarma merchant’s flyers.
* By giving out shawarma merchant’s flyers.
* By watching porn on the laptop
* By visiting the fitness gym
* By visiting the fitness gym
* By wearing Betty’s panties
== Plot Lines ==
== Plot Lines ==

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Fashion Business Episode #2 walkthrough

Based on the playthrough of one of our fans. Amended and published on the Fashion Business wiki.

The original can be found here.

This walkthrough is applicable to the game version v11

'We also welcome additions and corrections from the game’s fans!

Episode 2 of the erotic game Fashion Business.

You play as the game’s protagonist – Monica Buckfett, who is was the wife of a millionaire and a big boss.

In episode 2 we will get back to the heights we used to enjoy and punish everyone who acted against Monica. But for now, Mrs. Buckfett is abused by literally everyone, since she’s poor as dirt and has lost her name.

1567075759 fashionbusiness-2019-08-28-17-14-05-490.jpg

Previously on Fashion Business

To fully understand the game’s core mechanics and plot you should first refer to Episode 1. For now, let’s remember the first episode’s ending. Monica loses all of her wealth, and is left with no documents or money. Moreover, if she ever breaks the law in any way, Marcus will be sent to the police and from there Marcus will ship her to Ranch 218.

Mrs. Buckfett had no home, no place to stay at night, but her former chauffer, Fred, managed to find her work at the house she previously owned. Monica works there for free, servicing the new owners. The story continues form the moment when she goes to sleep at the end of the first episode.


There are a number of different plot lines in Episode 2. They will activate depending on Monica’s behavior, so try to maintain the path you chose before:

  • being kind will make progression easier and faster,
  • being bitchy will slow down the progression, but will include more scenes.

Take note that certain items can affect your level of bitchiness. You only have to look at them, and the number on the scale might tip either way. You can’t use the mouse wheel to roll back.

Some tips

  • To get more dialogue options and available actions, it’s recommended to level up Monica’s corruption from the start of the game. Level it up on every opportunity you get. You should preferably do it before returning to your office for the first time.
  • Don’t go out of the house in your uniform if Betty is home.
  • If you need to change the time of day, you can do so by exiting to the map and clicking on an icon in the top left corner.
  • Don’t go to sleep when hungry.
  • Take showers and toilet breaks regularly. They’re situated near the pool.
  • You have to eat at least once a day. You can do it in these places: by stealing something at the gas station (or buying and eating in your own room), by giving out shawarma seller’s flyers, by lending money from Monica’s secretary and buying food, or by eating in the kitchen while Betty is away.

How to raise your corruption level (without doing quests)

  • By cleaning the house (you need to do that every day at first, to raise your corruption level and get Betty’s approval, after the fitness scene you will only have to do it once a week.)
  • By stealing food from the gas station
  • By giving out shawarma merchant’s flyers.
  • By visiting the fitness gym

Plot Lines

Main plot line (office)

After Monica wakes up in the basement bedroom, put the made uniform on, clean the house and come up to Ralph, to ask him about your wages (Ralph can be found in the living room).

After that change into the whore outfit and go to Monica’s office.

Monica won’t be able to enter the office. If she visits the office during the day, she must “come again in the evening”. You can leave the building, click on the “Day” icon in the top left corner of the screen and enter the building again.

In the evening, Monica meets Biff near the lifts. After that she meets her secretary and after talking to her, goes to her former office, to have a conversation with Biff.


On the next day, after visiting Dick’s office and talking to him and his secretary, go to Biff and have a conversation with him. (Biff only shows up in Monica’s former office in the evening”). You need to earn $5000 to buy Dick a tie.

Biff will offer Monica to participate in a photoshoot, but Monica will refuse initially. But since it's the only way to get that kind of money, Monica ends up agreeing to do it.

Monica needs to deliver the money on Friday, and Biff will only be present at his workplace on the evening of Friday, in the last moment. On all the days before Friday, you should clean the house, raising your corruption level.

On a Friday evening go to Biff’s office, and, after talking to him, go to the photo studio. Speak with Alex, change your clothes, and participate in the photoshoot.

Return to Biff after that and go with him to the charity evening.

1567076051 fashionbusiness-2019-08-28-16-25-08-801.jpg

Charity evening

Perform the speech Biff asks you to perform on the stage.

After that come to Biff (he’s standing with Melanie in the VIP zone).

After talking to him return to the tables near the sage. Monica can come up to a hotel’s employee and either be rude to him or be courteous ('this will affect a toilet scene with Philip in the future).

After talking to Biff and returning to the tables, you’ll meet Philip there. Get acquainted with him, then come to Biff in the VIP Zone and talk to him.

Biff will only pay Monica $4000. Monica needs to find $1000 more. Monica decides to ask Philip for the money while dancing with him. He will offer her to earn it by servicing him.

After that you have to make a choice: either agree to service Philip in the toilet or return to Biff and convince him to give you more money (promise to be a good chick).

After the evening, go to Dick’s office and then home.

1567076141 monika.jpg


Biff will be unavailable while the events with Dick and Victoria are going on (refer to “Dick and Victoria” section).

On the next day after Victoria forces Monica to bring her $5000 every Friday, go to the office and talk to Melanie. You can find Melanie in the office during the day (refer to “Melanie’s plot” section).

On the evening of the same day you can go and talk to Biff. After having a conversation with him, Monica will be able to pose for photoshoots in different outfits. The more of the pictures you unlock during the photoshoots, the farther you will progress with Alex. You can do the photoshoots once a week, earning the needed $5000 for Victoria.

After every photoshoot you need to come to Biff and ask him to send a $5000 gift certificate to Victoria.

Img 8361.jpg

If Monica made the models strip in the first episode, Biff will have Monica do the same for him. If Monica’s corruption level is high enough (not lower than 120), she can raise the relationship with her boss by entering his office in the photoshoot outfit. Biff’s casting menu is unlocked gradually.

After some time, Monica will notice her secretary behaving differently.

Continue visiting photoshoots until you raise your relationship level with Biff.

Before Steve visits Betty and Ralph for the second time (refer to “Steve’s plot” section), Biff will tell Monica that he doesn’t have any new work for the next week.

After Melanie disappears (refer to “Melanie’s plot” section), two new photoshoots will unlock.

Working in the office

When a week passes after completing the photoshoots, Biff will tell Monica to come to work in a pretty dress (refer to “Steve’s plot” and “Clothes shop plot” sections).

When Monica comes to Biff in that dress, he will tell her that Melanie came back and will ask her to “work in the office”.


After talking to Biff, you need to have a conversation with the secretary, then come into the photo studio and talk to Alex. After changing into the office suit, you need to talk to the secretary once again. After that you should click on the “Lift” arrow and in the menu that will appear, you should pick the “Office” option. That way Monica will be able to get to her workplace in the reports department.

Nobody from the employees will be at the office in the evening, that’s why you need to come to work on the next day to meet your subordinates. In the same day, Monica will meet Julia and find out that she would work as her assistant.

You will need to go to the dressing room and talk to Melanie (refer to “Melanie’s plot” section).

Subordinates will come to Monica every day to ask her different things.

Monica can treat Julia either well or poorly. If Monica will treat Julia poorly and make her work overtime, on one of the days Fred will visit the office to blackmail Monica. Julia’s plot line will start (refer to “Relationship with Julia” section).


After the working day, you can come to Biff and ask him about a photoshoot. Monica must work at least one day a week (you need to click on the table in Monica’s office and choose “Work until the evening”). Otherwise, Biff won’t allow her to take part in photoshoots.

Melanie tells Monica to participate in a photoshoot in the “Black Swan” outfit. To complete this photoshoot, you need to have at least level 2 with Alex and all other photoshoots must be fully unlocked (the number of pictures that must be shot is shown in the top left corner).

Biff will ask Monica to gather reports from all the employees. Monica will need to get a USB stick from her secretary. To gather the reports, Monica will need to visit all of the employees’ desks and give them the USB stick. Monica can make Julia gather the reports. After that is done, Monica needs to give the reports to her secretary and talk to Biff. If Monica made someone else to gather the reports, Biff would be mad at her.

After unlocking the photoshoot in the “Black Swan” outfit, when you visit Biff the next time ask him about the work. Biff will make Monica try out his secretary’s outfit and tell her to return tomorrow.

On the next day, Biff will tell Monica to take part in a presentation, which is slated for the next day after that. After Monica conducts the presentation in front of the investors, If Biff’s progress is at level 2 or more, new casting menu choices will get unlocked. This casting will be available after gathering the reports and doing all the photoshoots.

If Monica visits Biff after a week from the investors’ presentation and asks about work, Biff will tell her that they’re going to go an event, organized by one of the investors.

On the next evening, Monica comes to Biff’s office and he makes her change clothes. Monica goes to the photo studio, speaks with Alex, changes, and returns to Biff.

After the second presentation, Monica stumbles upon her employees discussing her photo shoot…


After finishing the second presentation for the investors, there will be two new casting options available with Biff (unlock consecutively after gathering reports or doing photo shoots).

Evening event

Monica needs to talk to the nine guests during the event. She needs to talk to six guests first, then give an interview to the journalists.

After the interview she needs to talk to Stephanie and Rebecca. Then she’ll come up to a guest that Rebecca mentioned, talk to him and return to the girls. After talking to them, Monica will need to find the designer in the crowd and talk to him.

After a conversation with him and Biff, Monica will need to talk to the investor and Biff.

Public event.jpg

On the day after the investor’s event, Monica returns to Biff’s office. She meets the investor there. After talking to Biff, Monica goes to the photo studio to change. Then she returns to Biff’s office.

Monica can refuse to participate in the photoshoot. Biff will throw her out in that scenario. You’ll be able to get the work back by returning to Biff and agreeing to do the photoshoot (corruption level 320 needed).

After Monica agrees to take part in the photoshoot, she returns to the studio and works there in front of the investor.

After a week passes from completing the "Queen of Hearts" photoshoot, Monica will see her subordinates looking at the magazine.

After you've completed the "Queen of hearts" photoshoot and the evening event at the investor’s, Melanie will come to Monica during the day with a plan to teach Victoria a lesson. To activate this event you need to be working in the office during the day!

Falling path

Flyer handout job. If Monica is hungry but she doesn’t have money, she can try handing out flyers.

To do that, she’ll need to come to passers-by in the slums offering them to take a flyer.

You can get this job from the shawarma seller (in the Slums, at the street’s corner).

To get a kebab, Monica need to hand out all the flyers. If she still has some left, she will only get half a kebab and be disappointed.

Dancing pole in the back alley. On the next day after the charity evening, while handing out flyers, come to the guy in a yellow shirt (he’s standing at the Dirty street). He’ll try to be rude to Monica, but another passer-by will protect her.

1567527936 fashionbusiness-2019-08-29-09-33-23-398.jpg

Monica will need to thank him after that. Give the kebab adverts to the seller and come find a quiet place (around the house’s corner, in the back alley near the pole), and then talk to your savior again.

After Monica thank her savior, a new location will appear on the street near the hostel - "Shiny Hole" pub (refer to the “Shiny Hole plot” section).

From this moment Monica steps on the path of the fall and can raise her corruption and earn money by dancing in front of clients, clothed. Any passer-by to whom Monica comes up and offer to show herself in the slums can become a client (only during the day since Monica is too scared to talk to people in the slums in the evening).

If it’s not the first time Monica meets a client, she can offer to dance at the pole. Every client has a different dance scene.

After meeting the client for a number of times, and Monica being able to dance at the pole, the ability to show the client Monica’s naked chest will unlock.

1567077733 fashionbusiness-2019-08-29-10-30-13-193.jpg

One of the clients from the Poor Street will ask Monica to show her breasts for $50. To be able to agree to that and watch the associated scenes, you’ll need a corruption level of at least 100 and no less than 20 clients served.

This client will agree to pay another $50 to Monica only is she bring another girl to him and makes her show her breasts. Monica can do that to her former secretary (only available in the Extra version, if Monica is already working in the office).

You can talk with a drunk by clicking on him. You can also invite him to Monica’s apartment in the slums.


If Monica is renting the slums apartment, then a new scene is unlocked by clicking on Frank (the guy in a blue jacket on the corner of the street) (Extra content available).

A new scene with Angelo (the guy on the Dirty street).

Dick and Victoria

On the day after Monica meets Biff, Fred will be waiting for Monica in the street to deliver her a message from Dick.

Go to Dick, talk to him and Victoria. Now Monica needs to earn $5000 until Friday.

You can only earn $5000 from Biff (refer to the “Main plot line (office) section”).

You won’t be able to bring the money on Friday in time.

Visit Dick’s office on the next day and talk to Victoria. If Monica listened to Betty’s order in the morning (refer to the “Betty’s plot line section”), and rubbed the satin on the carpet, she’ll be late to the meeting and Victoria will humiliate her.

1567076931 fashionbusiness-2019-08-28-17-46-55-307.jpg

Go to Dick on the next day, and talk to him. Try to go out into the street and as soon as you see the police there, go back in and talk to Victoria.

You will now have to bring her $5000 every Friday. If Monica doesn’t manage to earn that amount, Victoria will punish her.

After Victoria makes you bring her money, Monica asks Melanie for help (refer to the “Melanie’s plot line section”).

If Victoria has already been in Monica’s office, after a few days have passed, Monica will find her in the breakroom, drinking tea with Julia.


If Alex is already living with Melanie, during one of the days Victoria will visit Alex in his office again, trying to become his model. Alex refuses and Victoria thinks of a plan to persuade him using Melanie.


A scene with Victoria and Alex in Melanie’s apartment.

On the next day, Monica will come to the office to find out that Alex is doing a photo shoot with Victoria.

A conversation with Melanie. A visit to Dick’s office.

If Monica comes to the office after the previous scene with Victoria and choose the “Work until evening” menu option (when clicking on Monica’s work table), Julia will come and tell Monica that Victoria is awaiting her at home for the promised girls’ party :)

On the next work day after visiting Victoria, if Monica choose the “Work until evening” option again, the IT guy will come to Monica. A scene where Victoria goes on a date with the IT guy unlocks.

On the next day after their date, when choosing the same option, he’ll visit Monica’s office again. A scene with the IT guy at Victoria’s place unlocks :)

Ralph plot line

After another cleaning in the house, Monica will think about why she shouldn't seduce the owner of the house Ralph. This action will become accessible during the living room cleaning.

After Monica failing to seduce Ralph, Monica needs to go to the gym with Betty (on Tuesdays and Thursdays) and while Betty would be busy with the instructor, choose to wait in the dressing room.

If you choose the menu option “Take Betty’s clothes and go home”, Monica will end up in her basement bedroom, dressed in Betty’s clothes.

Monica needs to go talk to Ralph in Betty’s disguise. This will lead to a scene with Ralph after which Monica needs to return to the gym.

After that day, Monica can change her clothes and visit Ralph in her former bedroom every time she goes to the gym with Betty.

There are a number of sex scenes available with Ralph.

After your first time with Ralph, he will offer to help Monica financially.

You can either choose to accept his help since you need the money, or tell him that you’re not with him because of money, but because of love.

If Monica accepts Ralph’s help, she can earn $ 200 every time they meet.

If Monica declines, she will be able to return her place as the house’s mistress in the future. After Monica failing to seduce Ralph, Monica needs to go to the gym with Betty (on Tuesdays and Thursdays) and while Betty would be busy with the instructor, choose to wait in the dressing room.

If you choose the menu option “Take Betty’s clothes and go home”, Monica will end up in her basement bedroom, dressed in Betty’s clothes.

Monica needs to go talk to Ralph in Betty’s disguise. This will lead to a scene with Ralph after which Monica needs to return to the gym.

After that day, Monica can change her clothes and visit Ralph in her former bedroom every time she goes to the gym with Betty.

There are a number of sex scenes available with Ralph.

After your first time with Ralph, he will offer to help Monica financially.

You can either choose to accept his help since you need the money, or tell him that you’re not with him because of money, but because of love.

If Monica accepts Ralph’s help, she can earn $ 200 every time they meet.

If Monica declines, she will be able to return her place as the house’s mistress in the future.

Betty’s plot line

Clean the house every day. If Monica cleans the house three days in a row, her relationship with Betty will grow.

One day, Betty will notice the stain on the carpet. This will happen when Monica needs to go to Dick’s office, to give Victoria $5000 (the next day after the charity evening). If Monica agrees to rub it, she’ll be late for the meeting with Dick and Victoria will punish her. If Monica tell Betty that she will get to it later, all the progress with Betty will be reset.


Fitness gym

Continue cleaning the house every day until you reach relationship level 3 (you can stop cleaning every day from this moment on, once a week will be enough).

Betty will ask you to carry her fitness bag. Betty goes to the fitness gym on Tuesdays and Thursdays. On those days, you’ll need to talk to Betty after cleaning the house. Monica can escort her to the gym to raise her relationship level. She will meet her friends Rebecca and Stephanie there. Monica can peep on Betty while she’s working with the trainer, to raise her corruption level.

If Monica refuses to go to the gym with Betty, she can go outside in the maid outfit and eat in the kitchen while Betty is away. There will be no penalty at this stage if you clean every day.

After the fourth gym visit, Fred will approach Monica in the locker room, where she would be waiting for Betty. The harshness of Monica’s tone will depend on her decency level.

The next morning, a hot scene with Fred and Betty happens, but it depends on how Betty was behaving prior to that.

After Melanie’s disappearance (refer to the “Melanie’s plot line” section), Betty will say that they’re expecting guests on Saturday (For that, Monica should spend Thusrday night in her basement bedroom and walk upstairs). This mysterious guest turns out to be Steve (refer to the “Steve’s plot line” section).

Quest with neighbor

If Monica is already sleeping with Ralph, during one of the days Monica will come back to her house to find her neighbor talking to Fred.

On the next day, the neighbor will visit Betty and ask for an iron :) You can skip this quest by choosing the appropriate option in Betty’s dialogue menu. On the next day Betty will go to the neighbor’s house to retrieve the iron.


Steve’s plot line

After Melanie’s disappearance Steve will visit Betty and Ralph on Saturday. Betty will warn Monica about him a day before that (For that, Monica should spend Thusrday night in her basement bedroom and walk upstairs). There will be a number of scene during this day inside the house. After watching all of them, go to bed.

1567079331 fashionbusiness-2019-08-29-13-38-10-295.jpg

Steve can visit the house one more time. You’ll need to talk to Ralph about this (you can always find him in the living room) and Steve will visit again next Saturday.

When Steve visits for the second time, you’ll need to go to the first floor, then into the living room and then to the kitchen. Complete all of the master’s orders and go get some rest in your room.

1567102498 fashionbusiness-2019-08-29-20-27-38-517.jpg

There will be a scene with Steve near the pool in the evening. Steve will lie to Monica about the certificate.

If Monica refuses to make a deal with Steve, she’ll have to go to his office, because Biff will not give her work that week.

If Monica agrees to make a deal with Steve near the pool, she will need to go to his office to check if he’s already made the transaction to Victoria. Visit Victoria at Dick’s office and talk to her about it. Steve, as was expected, didn’t send any money, so Monica wants to kick his ass.

To go to Steve’s office, Monica needs to acquire a beautiful dress. She can get it at the clothing store (refer to the “Clothing store plot line”).

After getting the dress, you can go to Steve’s office, but you’ll have to do it multiple times until Monica catches Steve there.

1567102579 fashionbusiness-2019-08-29-21-01-55-670.jpg

Steve’s behavior may vary, depending on what happen at Betty’s house. You can make a deal with him here. This will be another way to earn money for Victoria.

You can only make a deal with him 'once a week. There are 6 different scenes. On the seventh time, you should cross paths with Betty.

During any of the visits to Steve, you can sign a contract with Jane. After signing it, Monica will get a certificate for one dinner at Hotel Le Grande (free dinner). Monica can visit the restaurant without the certificate and is he’s nice to the waitress, she will get a 50% discount.

Clothing store plot line

Beautiful dress. Monica will need a dress to visit Steve’s office. She can just go and buy it for $250, and if she was nice to the shop clerks before she would even get a discount. Another way of getting the dress is to steal it.

1567103005 fashionbusiness-2019-08-29-20-51-58-092.jpg

If you won’t be able to do it, (try hitting the clerk and running away), then the clerk by the name of (Vivian) will make Monica work as a mannequin.

Monica will need to sell the dress she had returned in the first episode. As a reward, Vivian will gift her the dress she was trying to steal.

If Monica agrees to work as a mannequin, she’ll need to visit the shop a number of days. Her working shift starts in the first half of the day. To start it talk to Vivian.

10 different clients can visit the shop and they have 3 scenes associated with them. Only one of them will buy a dress.

Melanie’s plot line

After Victoria makes you bring her money, Monica will ask Melanie for help. Melanie can be found in the photo studio during the day.

Melanie wants to make a joint photoshoot. To organize it you need to unlock all of the previous photoshoots for Monica.

That photoshoot will only be available once. It will become unavailable after doing the shoot with Melanie.

Img 8775.jpg

After a joint photoshoot, go to the dressing room and talk to Melanie. On the next day, Melanie will go to Dick.

1567076358 fashionbusiness-2019-08-29-12-11-03-863.jpg

On the next day, Monica needs to visit Melanie in the dressing room again (during the day) and talk to her, asking for help with Marcus. If Monica has a good relationship with Melanie, she will help her for free, and if not, you’ll have to return on the next day and pass a harsh casting in Monica’s former office.

To start the casting, you need to enter the dressing room and talk to Melanie. Monica will need to follow all of the orders of a person who would be in the boss’ chair.

Img 9204.jpg

After the casting go to the dressing room and talk to Melanie. She will agree to go to a meeting with Marcus. But here Melanie mysteriously disappears.

On the day when Biff offers Monica to work in the office (refer to the “main plot line (office)”), he will tell her that Melanie came back.

On the next day, after coming to the office, visit the dressing room. Melanie will be there, talk to her. After the conversation, click on Melanie once more and pick a new dialogue option that has appeared. Do it repeatedly. Melanie will then invite Monica to her apartment.

On the next day Monica need to visit Melanie at home and talk to her. Melanie will advise her to go to the police and talk to Marcus. Melanie will also demand that Monica took her place in the Black Swan photoshoot (refer to the “main plot line (office)” section).


After visiting Melanie, Monica can go to Marcus (optional) (refer to the “Marcus plot line” section).

On the next day after the conversation between Monica and Melanie, Monica’s secretary will come up to Melanie and tell her that Victoria has called and that she will be waiting for Melanie in Dick’s office.

Melanie can visit her and talk to her. Victoria will blackmail Melanie into becoming her “friend”.

Playing as Melanie. To start this quest, you need to already have all of the prerequisite tasks completed:

  • Melanie visited Victoria and agreed to become her friend;
  • Monica had already started the Black Swan photoshoot after Melanie asked her.

The quest starts from the moment when Monica comes to work in the office and stays to work until the evening (click on the table). This day Melanie will come and tell her that Monica needs to visit her place in the evening.

At the end of the workday, Monica needs to go home, change into the whore outfit and go to Melanie’s place. Or she can refuse and go to bed (skips Melanie’s quest).

After Monica comes to Melanie and they’re visited by their «shared friend», a message will appear on the screen, “Earlier that day...” and you will be able to play as Melanie.

Melanie is sitting in the dressing room, the secretary comes up to her and says that Victoria has called. Melanie can refuse to visit Victoria at Dick’s office (skips Melanie’s quest).

If Melanie agrees to come to Dick’s office, you will be playing as Melanie.

Melanie needs to go to Dick’s office and talk to Victoria.

Img 15478.jpg

After that she will need to come back to her office and talk to Monica in Monica’s work office.

After talking to Monica, Melanie will go to have a talk with Biff. Biff will tell her that she needs to take part in a photoshoot. You can decline here (skips photoshoots with Alex).

If Melanie agrees, she’ll need to come to the photo studio and initiate the photoshoot after talking with Alex. Melanie needs to go home after the photoshoot.

To start the scene in Melanie’s apartment, you need to sit on the chair near the table.

You can interrupt the scene with Victoria in Melanie’s apartment by choosing the dialogue option “I won’t do it!”.

Marcus plot line

After visiting Melanie, Monica can listen to her advice and go to Marcus (optional).

If Monica decides to go to Marcus, she ends up in the cell again. Marcus is busy and won’t talk to her. She finds it out from Bob.

Monica must wait in the cell for Marcus to talk to her.

While in the cell, you need to shake the bars every day, and then go sleep.

While Monica is in the cell, other prisoners will try to make her perform lewd actions. Monica can show the prisoners their place and refuse to talk to them.

After Marcus calls Monica to the interrogation room, she must convince him not to send her to the Farm 218.

Img 21237.jpg

Monica will have to do a little favor for Marcus to achieve that.

Marcus will then order Monica to dress up and go to his office. Monica will need to talk to Marcus and do what he demands.

After exiting the police station, Monica returns home and hides her butt plug under her bed in the basement.

Relationship with Julia

If Monica will be harsh toward Julia and make her work overtime, Fred will visit the office to blackmail Monica.

Fred will give Monica small tasks (5 in total) and Monica will need to complete them. To do that, you need to go to your work office, and click on Julia, choosing the “Relationship with Julia” option in the menu.

Img 21931.jpg

After completing all of the five tasks, if your relationship with Julia is at least at level 3 and Monica is treating her unfairly again (making her work overtime), Fred will come to Monica again and gives her a new task regarding Julia. If you choose “Refuse” during this conversation, the quest will be interrupted. It will also fail if Monica will refuse to peek under Julia’s skirt.

Monica needs to learn what color is Julia’s panties, and it turns out to be a difficult task. To start the quest, you need to click on the menu option in relationships with Julia that wasn’t there before. New scenes will unlock with every new try.

After one of the attempts from Monica to learn the color of Julia’s panties, Fred will catch Monica in the dressing room and ask her about her progress.

After talking to Fred, Monica makes another attempt at completing this task (choose the next menu option in Julia’s relationship).

After a number of failed attempts, Monica devises a plan to complete Fred’s task with the help of her subordinates and meets with John and Greta :)

After the scene in which John and Greta try to learn the color of Julia’s panties, Monica comes to the office and talks to her. Then Monica asks her out on a date.

Img 16482.jpg

On the next day, Monica comes to the office to discover that Julia is not there. Monica remembers about their date and goes to “Julia’s house” on the map, near the slums.

Monica enters the cafe and spends some time with Julia after which the ability to kiss Julia in the morning and in the evening unlocks.

After reaching relationship level 4 with Julia, Monica can massage her and try to learn the color of her panties again.

After Monica massages Julia, and if she kisses her every morning, Julia will offer to massage Monica during the work day.

You can now ask Julia to go on a second date. After this conversation, you need to work in the office until the evening and then go to the café where you had your first date. Monica needs to have at least 20 dollars, to go on a date.

After the dinner, Monica goes to Julia’s apartment (it’s close to the cafe).

Img 23570.jpg

After another failed attempt at seducing Julia, Monica goes to her bathroom. Look it over and come back to Julia. Talk to her one more time.

When you reach relationship level 6 with Julia, Monica will be able to ask her out on the third date.

If Monica decides to continue her relationship with Julia, then after reaching level 8, Monica can offer Julia to live together.

Julia’s relationship level is raised by kissing her every morning or evening and massaging her.

An opportunity to offer Julia to move in together will appear in the office. For that, you have to visit Julia in the evening after picking an option in the menu.

New scenes with Julia become available if Monica agrees to enter a relationship with her. These scenes open as you gain levels in your relationship with Julia.

There are four new scenes both at her apartment and in the office. Julia’s apartment scenes unlock when Monica offers her to live together.

Scenes at Julia’s home unlock gradually as you gain levels in your relationship.

Every time Monica declines to be intimate with Julia, the relationship level goes down.

If Monica lives in Julia’s apartment, she can eat for free. She needs to enter the kitchen for that. If Monica goes to the kitchen in the morning, another scene with Julia will unlock.

To leave Julia’s apartment, you need to click on the wardrobe. If you return to the apartment after that, Julia will be away (she works during the day). Julia will also leave for work if Monica goes to bed during the day.

In the evening, Julia comes back from work and takes a shower. Monica can shower together with her (unlocks a new scene) or go to bed without Julia.

Julia is free from work on Sundays, but if Monica goes to bed during the day, Julia leaves for business and returns in the evening.

Max relationship level with Julia in v13 is 80/100

A new scene with Julia at the office in the evening is available, as well as one new scene in the shower, when Monica goes to shower at a time when Julia is home. And one extra scene when Monica walks in on Julia in the toilet (extreme content, available in the Extra version of the game).

The sequence of events to unlock all the scenes:

  • Massage for Julia (at the office)
  • Morning with Julia (waking up Julia)
  • Wake up before Julia and make breakfast
  • Kiss Julia goodnight
  • Do it on Monica’s table (at the office)
  • Morning with Julia (waking up Julia)
  • Kiss Julia goodnight again
  • Do it on the couch in the break room (at the office)
  • Go into the shower with Julia (Julia showers after work in the evening)
  • Wake up before Julia and make breakfast
  • Do it under Julia’s table (at the office)
  • Morning with Julia (waking up Julia)
  • Wake up before Julia and make breakfast
  • Kiss Julia goodnight again
  • Do it in the reports department (at the office in the evening)
  • Julia walks in on Monica taking a shower (take a shower when Julia is at home)
  • Extreme extra scene: go to the bathroom when Julia is peeing. (Julia goes to the

bathroom after a joint breakfast)

If Monica stays the night at Julia’s home and will caress her in the morning (the scene must be fully unlocked), then Fred will visit Julia.

This will activate a scene with Fred, and one more scene with Julia in Monica’s office.

To unlock it, choose the “Strengthen the relationship” menu option when clicking on Julia while at work.

Shiny Hole plot line

On the day when Monica thanks her savior in the slums (refer to the “Path of the fall” section), a new location will appear on the street near the hostel - “Shiny Hole” bar.

Working as a dishwasher

Here Monica can work for food as a dishwasher. For that you need to go into the pub and talk to the barwoman, by clicking on her. After that you need to go out and then come back.

You can choose a different name for yourself in the pub to keep Monica’s identity a secret.

To start washing dishes you need to click on the sinks, that are located in the far corner, behind the bar.

If you click on Joe or Ashley while washing dishes, the selected character will molest her. If Monica lets them do that (corruption level 150 or higher 150), this will raise their relationship level.

Working as a waitress

After you reach level 1 with barmen, Monica will be able to ask about promotion. They will offer her to work as a waitress in the pub. She would need to give part of her tips to Ashley, while leaving only 30 percent of the tips to herself.

If Monica agrees, then after the conversation with the barmen about the promotion, you need to click on Ashley and Joe and choose the dialogue option ”work as a waitress”.

While working as a waitress, you’ll need to come up to the pub’s clients, take their orders and bring them food. They may award Monica with a tip for her work. Monica only has the patience to service three clients a shift.

Img 14261.jpg

Monica can decide if she wants to give the tips to Ashley or keep them for herself. If Monica wants to give Ashley her share, she needs to go to the bar and click on Ashley or Joe to report that she’s done with the work for today.

Or Monica can leave the pub while keeping all of the tips. For that you just need to click on the exit without talking to the people at the bar. In that case, when Monica comes to the pub again, Ashley will demand her to pay $500 or apologize in some other way. Click on Joe or Ashley and pick the option you want (paying the fine or apologizing). Monica can apologize either to Joe or Ashley. She does that in the bar’s backroom. There are 3 scenes with Ashley and 4 scenes with Joe available in total, and they unlock gradually every time Monica keeps the tips and has to apologize again. After Monica works for forgiveness, she can go back to being a waitress again.

New mini-scenes have been added featuring the bar’s patrons during Monica’s time as a waitress which unlock if she becomes the queen of Shiny Hole.


Working as a stripper

When Monica leaves the pub as a waitress while keeping the tips, the next time she comes to the pub, Ashley tells her to pay her $500 or earn that money by dancing on the stage.

You can decline working as a stripper by paying the fine or just walking out. If Monica leaves without paying the fine and refusing to dance, the menu will appear again on her next visit to the pub.

If Monica agrees to dance on stage, she first needs to go to the dressing room, where she will meet on of the strippers. After talking to her Moncia returns to the bar and speaks with Joe. Monica can’t dance on that day, and Joe tells her to come back on the next day.

On the next day you need to talk to Ashley first and then go to the dressing room. Monica meets another stripper there, who gives her a work outfit and Monica goes on stage. Monica can change clothes in the dressing room by clicking on the, hanger on the right.

Pub MakeupRoom MonicaClare 2.jpg

Before you come up on stage, you can access the dance music menu.

Monica can’t dance topless at first. She needs to complete at least 4 performances wearing panties and a vest, before an option of dancing in just panties will unlock.

You can choose dancing poses during the performance (arrows in the right side of the screen). If you always choose the same moves or repeat the same move twice, the crowd will be displeased. In that case, the crowd’s excitement level (a gauge in the left side of the screen) drops and you get less tips. You can max the amount of tips you get by never repeating the same move twice. Different moves cause different reactions from the crowd.

V Monica Strip A1 45.jpg

Ashley takes all of Monica’s tips until Monica starts to dance without the vest. After that Ashley forgives Monica's debt and Monica will be able to earn money by performing on stage. You’ll just need to pick a corresponding option while talking to bar managers when Monica enters the pub.

After the performance, Monica needs to give part of the tips to Ashley. For that you need to come to the bar and click on Ashley or Joe to tell them that you’re done working for the night.

After Joe tell Monica that she became popular, and offers her to do private dances, Molly will get very angry at her.

On the next working day, Monica talks to Claire and decides if she wants to tell her the truth. In any case, Monica will tell Clair her real name.

On the next day Monica has a fight with Molly, because after Monica’s performance all of the Molly’s tips, that she put on the table, disappeared.

Molly accuses Monica of stealing and Ashley takes Molly’s side.

Img 22817.jpg

Ashley tells Monica that she needs to find a way to make amends with Molly or she won’t be able to work there.

On the next working day, Monica talks to Claire and she decides to help Monica. Clair makes a deal with Ashley, where Ashley will forgive Monica if Claire and Monica will perform together. From that moment, Monica can dance together with Claire once a week. For that you need to talk to her and then click on Claire again, when she escort Monica to the stage.

Monica can also draw over Molly’s photo with a lipstick (you need to click on her photo in the dressing room).

In the Extra version of the game Molly will take revenge on Monica by cutting her panties, so they would fall during the performance.

After all of the bar’s girls perform in front of Mr. Berkelbauch, Monica overhears a conversation between Ashley and Molly. After that, while Molly is on her working shift, Monica has a fight with her.

You need to click on Molly once more to challenge her to a dance battle.


Stage battle. Monica will lose this one, but she will have a second chance at this.

You’ll need to click on Molly on one of her working days and start a fight with her.

After the fight, Monica and Molly go for a second round of the dance battle.


To make Monica win you need to take her mask off at the end of the performance.

After that Monica will become the queen of Shiny Hole and she won’t need to pay Ashley a cut of her tips anymore.

Private dances

When Ashley lets Monica earn money again after the conflict with Molly is settled, Monica can leave the bar, without giving away the tips (corruption level 450 needed).

If Monica does that, the next time she comes to the pub, Ashley won’t mention the tips and Monica will be able to work in peace. But as soon as Monica finishes her performance, Ashley will come to the dressing room and force Monica to do a private dance for a client.

If Monica refuses, she will get fired. To start the private dance, click on the dressing room’s exit. The dance will be conducted in the bar’s back room with Ashley present ;)

Img 23339.jpg

After the private Ashley will tell Monica to make up with Molly.

After Monica has danced privately for Mr. Berkelbauch, after one of her performances, Joe will come to the dressing room. He will try to convince Monica to do another private dance for one of the bar’s patrons.

Monica can either agree to do the private (corruption level 4000 needed) or refuse. If Monica agrees, she has the opportunity to earn extra money by following the client’s orders.

Private dances are only available once a week. For now, only one private dance with the patron is available, along with repeating the banker scene.

When working as a waitress, a mini-scene will unlock, involving a client for whom Monica danced privately.

Revenge path

This quests starts when the following prerequisites are met:

  • Monica visited Marcus in the police station and got a plug from him;
  • Monica visited Melanie and did not run away until the moment when Victoria shows her “gift”;
  • Monica visited her bedroom in the basement during the day wearing the maid outfit.

Click on the butt plug to start the quest.

The key can be found on the ground in the laundry room near the washing machine. But first click on all the boxes scattered around the room.

Scene Laundry1.jpg

After finding the key, Monica returns to her bedroom and opens the locker... Don’t forget to save, before realizing what Monica finds there;)

Monica goes to bed and on the next morning she goes out to the front yard to talk to Fred.

After that conversation, a scene in Monica’s bedroom follows.

Img 23486.jpg

Monica ties Fred up and interrogates him, trying to find out who is responsible for her problems. After that, Monica visits Steve’s office.

Now Monica has two men tied up in the basement of her former house – Fred and Steve. This is going to be a really hot interrogation for Steve :)


If after the presentation for the investors is concluded (refer to the "main plot line (office)") Monica goes to restaurant La Grande, Philip will approach her and make her an offer.

Img 22949.jpg

If Monica refuses, you can always restart that quest by clicking on Philip at the reception desk.

After the restroom scene, Philip gives Monica a business card with his address and offers her to work as the weekend whore.

A new location "Philip’s house" will unlock on the map, where Monica can go in the evening on Saturday. Two new scenes involving Philip become available, which can be repeated.

The next time Monica visits Philip’s house on Saturday, if the whore #1 is present there, she’ll offer Monica to service Philip for $50. Monica can agree to this and earn some money by doing a double-blowjob for Philip with whore #1 (corruption level 520 needed). This scene is repeatable.

Img 23173.jpg

After completing the double-blowjob scene, a new scene becomes available. When Monica and whore #1 come to Philip’s living room, a menu will appear, where you’ll be able to choose "Group sex".

If Monica goes to the restaurant again after meeting with Philip there, a hotel employee will approach her with an offer.

If Monica refuses, you will be able to restart the quest by clicking on the hotel employee at the reception desk.

During the scene in the service hallway, Monica will be exposed and chased away by the administrator. From that moment on Monica will be prohibited from entering the hotel.

To get inside, Monica will need to agree to the administrator’s terms and pass the casting in front of the other escort girls.

After Monica passes the casting, she will be able to come to hotel Le Grande on the next day to start working.

Monica can visit the restaurant to simply eat or work in escort. A menu will be available on the reception desk. If you choose Work in escort, Monica will change clothes. After that she’ll need to go to the restaurant and occupy a table. Click on the table and a menu will appear. Now you can decide what to do next: Monica can either wait for a client (she won’t make any money that way), or you can pick the meeting with a client option, which will lead to Monica servicing a client (there are two scenes available at the moment: a scene with a client in a hotel room or an away visit to a client).

To get the first scene you need to talk to the client at his table. Monica will then go to the reception desk and talk to the administrator. Then Monica needs to change clothes (click on the door behind the administrator). After that Monica will be able to go to the client who will be waiting her near the lifts.

Img 16771.jpg

After working in the hotel room, Monica will end up at the reception desk where she’ll need to hand 50 percent of her earnings to the administrator. Click on the administrator to do it.

Scene #2. A waitress will tell Monica that the administrator is calling her. Monica will need to go to the reception desk, but she won’t find the administrator there. Click on the door behind the desk. A chat between the administrator and the client.

Img 16526.jpg

During the away call scene Monica can leave, ending the scene or comply with the client’s requests (corruption levels of 450, 470 and 490 needed).

After a week had passed since the second scene, a new scene becomes available with another escort client – “A guilty patron”. When choosing the new scene, Monica is called up by the administrator and forced to work together with another escort girl in a hotel room.

After two days pass from the photo shoot in front of the investors, Monica will visit Biff’s office to find Fred and Christine there.

Monica has a talk with Biff where he forces her to go on a date with one of the investors. If Monica doesn’t agree with his conditions, she ends up on the street. Biff will prohibit her from working in the office until Monica agrees to go.

A date with Olaf, the investor. A dinner at the restaurant. Hotel.


Events at the hotel will progress depending on whether Monica works in the VIP escort or not.

A chance to punish Linda (available in the extra version).


If Monica choose the “Meet the client” option when she is working in escort services, there will be a mini-scene available with Linda and the brown-haired girl in the service hallway (the “Team building (beginning)” menu option).

Apartment in the slums

ATTENTION!!! It’s recommended to sleep in Monica’s former house if you want the quests to work properly on versions up to v10. Slum apartments are still WIP.

After Monica starts working as a waitress in the “Shiny Hole”, after one of her working days, she thinks of renting an apartment when leaving the pub.

Monica can go to the shawarma merchant and ask him about an apartment. You need to talk to him during the day since Monica will refuse to talk to him at night.

Agree to rent an apartment from Jack for $50 and go check it out. If Moncia has enough money, she can rent the apartment right away (the actual rent will be $300).

Img 16999.jpg

Monica can now sleep in her own apartment, eat for free (in the kitchen), take showers, and go to the bathroom. All of Monica’s clothes will be stored in her wardrobe. If you pick an outfit, Monica will end up outside the apartment building, wearing it.

Jack will come every Saturday to collect rent. If Monica can’t pay, Jack will throw her out and change the locks.

You can rent that apartment again as soon as Monica earns enough money. She will need to talk to Jack again to do it.

When Jack comes to collect the payment, Monica can get a 10 percent discount, if she agrees to his offer (available in the Extra version).