Android Installation Guide

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Android Installation Guide

Any application that allows you to work with files and move them (File Manager) should be installed on your phone.

You need to download the apk file from the link and install it, the application icon will appear on the phone screen. Do not open it after installation.

Download the link file obb.

Downloading obb file

Go to the File Manager application, find the Android folder in it, go into it.

Android folder

If in this folder there is no folder obb, then you need to create its and go into it

Folder obb

In the obb folder, create a folder named

Creating a folder

After that, in File Manager, find the downloaded obb file (it will be in the “Downloads” folder) and copy it. Then return to the folder and paste the copied obb file into it


Close File Manager and start the application from the desktop

Game loading

If after you have completed all the steps, you still have an error when you start the game, then you need to remove from downloads all previously downloaded apk files and obb with the game and leave only the actual files.