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Biff locations: Monica's Office, Monica's Cabinet

The new boss of Monica's fashion magazine.


Biff's style is simple and old-fashioned. Dark hair combed into an elegant side parting, and he sports a well-groomed "petite goatee"-style beard. He also wears a velvet brown jacket on top of a knitted gray sweater and a chequered shirt. Classic grey pants and leather shoes the color of his jacket add to his image. A yellow tie along with a pocket square with a black maple leaf pattern act like flashy accents to his outfit.


Biff is the NEW BOSS, he changed the course of Monica's magazine, which made all of the photoshoots and business talks way more risque. he only works with "good chicks", who obey and make "daddy" happy. Depravity, power, and money are Biff's holy trinity.


Biff can only be found at his workplace in the evening, he's occupying the boss chair in Monica's former personal office.