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Full name:
Robert Viktualia Rullgardina Krusmynta Efraimsdotter Långstrump
unknown (~50)
Hair color:
Dark brown, half-bald head
Eye color:
Fighting weight:
Prison guard

Biographical information


Bob was born as a child of two brillant scientist, awaiting a glorious future. Brilliant, but clumsy and ruthless. After dropping him a few times to often while trying to diaper baby Bob, the child got more and more stupid. And attempting to fix that problem with some ethically doubtful experiments after Bob became a good looking teenager, they ruined his once attractive appearance, too.

Later life

It's unknown how Bob got his job at the police. Rumor has it that a friend of his parents, a police officer, experienced that less brains can only be good for a career in police service and then took care of Bob's career path. Later he became the prison guard for Marcus and his associates, because their victims weren't able to talk their way out of prison to a pinhead like Bob


Meeting Monica

Monica meets Bob during her first stay in prison in chapter 1. She tells Bob her story and about her actual status of a successful and powerful business lady. She also made bargains with him, promising him money and her mansion for releasing her from prison. But since Marcus seized all her belongings, Monica couldn't fulfill her promises. That made Bob believe that she is an imposter. He also holds a grudge against Monica, because her complaining and screaming causing him headache.



"Bob is absolutely stupid and can't connect two words", is what his then-superior wrote in an appraisal. "But he is not useless, as long as the appropriate tasks are assigned to him."

The persons working at the Police station and the prisoners know how to handle Bob.

Bob needs a clear command structure. So, thinking of Marcus as the biggest boss around, Bob's upmost loyalty is focused on him.


Caused by the lack of brain capability, Bob tends to getting headaches very fast if somebody doesn't speak in short sentences with simple words. Orders must be simple, so Bob can understand and willingly follow them.

Despite he is dumb as a rock, he is still able to observe behaviour of other people and assess it. For example: without any experience with sexual encounters, her tried to get suck off by Monica after he saw that the prisoners enjoyed this.

Bob holds a competition in his cell wing. The prisoner who is the quietest for some time, will get rewarded by being allowed to have sex with the current or next female prisoner. We know that a prisoner named John won this contest and had fun with a former female journalist for about a week. Jimmy won the contest during Monica's 1st stay at prison. Prisoner number 1 won the right to visit Monica at her 3rd stop in her cell.