Investor1 (Mr. Campbell)

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Investor1 (Mr. Campbell)

Investor1 (Mr. Campbell)

Mr. Campbell locations: Monica's Office, Mr. Campbell Club

The owner of a designer clothes manufacturing company and a club of the same name. It may not be his only activity since he's very influential and rich.


A thin and bald middle-aged man. Wears a suit with a gray jacket and a polka-dotted bowtie.


Mr. Campbell is a true gentleman, he's modest and a man of few words. He only works with Biff because he sees the relationship as beneficial for him. He also provides the costumes for Monica's photoshoots in front of the investors.


Monica meets Mr. Campbell for the first time at her office when Biff holds a presentation of the magazine's new format. The next meeting happens in Mr. Campbell's club where he invites Monica and Biff to a gala event and provides a party dress for her.