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Julia locations: Monica's Office, Monica's Working Cabinet

Julia is Monica's former maid.


Julia has a slim body, her tanned skin is covered with freckles and moles, and her curly black hair is gathered in a ponytail. She used to work as a maid in Mrs. Buckfett's house and wore an outfit, fitting for the job, but now Julia works as an assistant in the Fashion magazine reports department and wears a gray mini-dress with flounces on the chest and the sleeves and a pair of high heel shoes.


Julia is afraid of Monica and treats her very carefully. She's diligent and punctual. Julia seems to be naive and trusting, but she'll definitely surprise you once you get to know her better.


You could've been able to find her at Monica's former house before, but now you can meet her at the office or at her apartment in the slums.