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Full name:
Monica Buckfett
Relationship status:
Married (12 years)
Hair color:
Black with accents of color
Eye color:
Head of a worlds leading fashion magazine
Table dancer
Erotic photo model

Biographical information


Monica was born in an East-Europe country. Nothing is known about her childhood, but she participated in beauty pageants since her youth. At one of that competitions she met her later husband, who took her to his country.

Later life

With the funds of her husband, Monica became the CEO of her founded fashion magazine which become very famous and profitable.


Chapter 1

Monica is living her daily routine as a rich and arrogant person. She bullies her maid Julia, her driver Fred, a bank clerk, her business partner Steve and his assistents Jane and Tiffany. The other aspect of her life consists of showing off to her friends Stephanie and Rebecca and make a fool of her lawyer Dick who is interested in her.
At the begin of the game, her husband just left her for a business trip.

Monica's life changes radically with an inconvenient but unsuspicious call from Officer Marcus that leads to her visit at the police station. Marcus tells her that her husband is in custody and awaits a long or even fatal sentence. And that Monica lost her citizenship, because she got it in an illegal way. That makes Monica a person without any rights.

Furthermore Marcus tells Monica that she will be brought to a place (Farm 218) where formerly famous persons gets imprisoned and used as sexual toys in any perverted way possible. After Monica suffers some humiliating treatment by co-prisoners in a cell and by Marcus in an interrogation room, she is released by Marcus temporary. But every break of the law will bring her immediately back to Marcus and to the farm ultimately.
Being free, but completely without any belongings, Monica searches for help at Dick. Meeting Fred leads to Monica becoming the maid of her former house, working for the new residents for free and living in a small room in the cellar.

Secret ending #1

If Monica acts as nice as possible before the call of Marcus, she doesn't visit Marcus and continues her usual life.

Secret ending #2

If Monica treated Dick the best way possible during her date with him, Dick will help her after she is looking for help by him. They will marry.

Chapter 2

Monica starts episode 2 working as a Maid for Ralph's familly in her former home. She's not allowed to use the bath or kitchen and Betty checks if Monica fulfills her dutys by cleaning the house. Monica is living in a small room in the cellar. When Monica was the mistress of the house, Julia was living there. ...



Monica is interested in Monica, that's it. She thinks of her as a better woman and human than anybody around her. She is the archetype of a narcissist. Furthermore she not only thinks of others as inferior beings, she also treats anybody else this way. She commands and threatens her subordinates and berates and insult people who she can't fire or who she still needs. She can prentend to be friendly if she wants help from somebody, but never gets to friendly.
After her downfall, Monica tries to keep up appearances at any time, even when she is doing unpleasant things that her former self never even would have thought about. To protect her pride, she adopt to be another person by giving herself stage names, persuading herself another person is doing these unpleasant things. Since this is a decision consciously made by herself, she can't be considered schizophrenic ... at least not until now.


Monica is a formidable piano player and likes to eat in expensive restaurants
She only has sex a few times in her life. She never experienced sex as a pleasant thing.
Monica likes things from her youth, like eating in the kitchen or a certain kind of pastries from the gas station.