Monica's secretary

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Monica's secretary

Monica's secretary

Monica's secretary locations: Monica's Office, Monica's Secretary Desk

Monica's assistant is one of the few characters Monica treats favorably. She has to work for Biff after he took Monica's place in her former personal office.


Her looks are as modest as her character. Locks of curly red hair are gathered in a classic way for 80s cuts. She wears a white blouse and a black cardigan fully-buttoned that she picked out from the practical point of view and not the image they create.


Extremely courteous, diligent, and modest. She awaited Monica's swift return to her duties as her boss, so Biff would stop ordering her around. But one day, Monica realizes that her former assistant's attitude and outfit have changed...


Can always be found at the reception desk in front of Biff's office and tells you whether he's available and when he'll be back if he's away.