Poor Girl 1

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Poor Girl 1

Poor Girl 1
Hair color:
Blond with dark streaks
Eye color:
Model aspirant
Street whore

Biographical information

Life before meeting Monica

Little is known about her life before she visited the casting at Monica. She comes from far away and got poor in Monic's town. But it seems becoming a model was her plan to leave a life in poverty.


The casting

This girl and another poor girl participated in a casting in Monica's office. Monica can choose to make short shrift of the girls and kick them out as friendly as her attitude allows her to. Or she can chose to scold and mortify the girls, showing them the great looks and movements of a real model (Melanie) and let them pose nude in humiliating poses in front of her. If Monica chose the second option, she has to do such castings for Biff later by herself.

After the meeting with Monica

After Monica crushed her hopes and throw her out, the girl was in desperate need to earn her living. The only option that remains was to become a cheap street whore at Mommy's place.