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Full names
John, Jimmy, + 4 unknown
Crimes commited:
Bad taste in clothes and probably other serious crimes

Unknown (~20-50)

Hair color:
Unknown (always wearing caps)

Taste in women

Biographical information

Meeting Monica

Monica meets the prisoners during her first stay in prison in chapter 1.
While she has to wait for Marcus several days, the prisoners tried to blackmail Monica to get naked. Monica can choose to follow their orders or put them in place whenever they try to blackmail her.

If she follows their orders, she has to suck them all (and even Bob a little) off during her second visit in prison.

At her third time there, one prisoner let imprison himself with Monica to use her as sex toy.


Despite not much is known about the individual characters of the six guys, all of them seem to be depraved and willing to rape any woman who they can get a hand on.


The prisoners learnt how to handle Bob, the prison guard. They use this to blackmail Monica and make agreements with the guard to earn rewards. E.g. the most silent prisoner earns the option to use the current or next available female.

All prisoners got the same number on their prison clothing: 68128