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Ralph Roberts

Ralph Roberts

Ralph Roberts locations: Home, Living Room

Lives with his son Bardie and his wife Betty in Monica's former home.


Ralph is a bald middle-aged man with a thin red beard. He usually wears a gown, slippers, and pajama pants. However, when his important friends visit him, he appears in a classic suit with a tie before them, lacking a jacket.


Even though Ralph occupies a good position in the company that helped him move with his family away from the countryside and get ownership of Monica's house, he's always hesitant and cowardly. His income and hobbies are all under Betty's total control. Ralph is hiding the fact that he doesn't pay Monica for working as a maid since it's the only way for him to get pocket money.


When Ralph is not at work, he can be always found in the living room, where he likes to read books.