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System Administrator

System Administrator

System Administrator locations: Monica's Working Office

One of the employees at the Fashion magazine reports department.


A young, tall man in aviator glasses. Yorick has curly light-brown hair and a cleanly shaven face. He wears a blue knitted sweater with red stripes, black jeans, and sneakers.


Yorick doesn't take part in the office wars and doesn't listen to gossip. He has something more interesting to do...


After Biff appoints Monica as head of the reports department, Yorick becomes one of her subordinates. Every day except Sunday he can be found at her workplace. Monica interacts with him when she needs to gather reports to a flash drive on Biff's orders. Just like any other employee at the Fashion magazine reports department Yorick sometimes has questions and goes to Monica's Working Office (often at the wrong time) to solve them.