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Save Files version 12

Saves are located in two folders - 720p and Extra version.

Each folder contains save files from 1-1-LT1 to 11-1-LT1 (a game with a maximum level of a bitchmeter value) and save files from 12-1-LT1 to 17-4-LT1 (a game with a minimum level of a bitchmeter value).

Folders with save files will be available for download at the links below.

Saves (EP2-v12-Extra)

link MEGA

Saves (EP2-v12-720p)

link MEGA

Where to put the save files


720p C:\Users\%yourusername%\AppData\Roaming\RenPy\TestProj\

1080p C:\Users\%yourusername%\AppData\Roaming\RenPy\fashionbusiness1\


720p /Users/%yourusername%/Library/RenPy/TestProj/

1080p /Users/%yourusername%/Library/RenPy/fashionbusiness1/