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Fashion Business – Episode 1 Official Walkthrough By Ragnaroekr

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First steps

Go through the game introduction and start to play. This walkthrough will not contain every single dialogue (there are over 9000 lines of text, I’m pretty sure you don’t wanna read a novel). This walkthrough contains hints and helpful information, as well as the relevant choices you can make.

Nearly every item can be touched or Monica can have a look at it. You can gather interesting information about the items, sometimes you even can learn more about Monica or her past. I advise you not just to run through this game. If you want to enjoy the full fun the game can give you, look around.

You can play Monica in two ways, decent or bitchy. Your decisions how you interact with other people will have an influence on the story at all. Maybe not always immediately, but it will have an influence, even if it’s in Ep2. By the way, some items de-, or increase even Monica’s bitchiness. I will get more in details when this is important.

Have fun and enjoy…

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Wake Monica up. Therefore, click on the hand symbol, as you can see above: Now go to her wardrobe and dress yourself as advised. In the top left corner you can see your tasks.

A9Rj41t77 1daumeq 6y8.jpg

  • Touch the cupboard and wear your home wear.
  • Go to bathroom, have a bath or take a shower
  • Go downstairs, have a talk with Julia, your maid.
    • Call Julia roughly (increase bitchiness)
    • Call Julia politely (decrease bitchiness)
  • Ask what happened outside, then go to kitchen
  • Touch the right chair and sit down
    • Thank you, now get out of here (increase bitchiness)
    • Thank you (decrease bitchiness)
    • That is bullshit, who else...(increase bitchiness)
    • I should praise her when...(decrease bitchiness)
  • Go back to your bedroom, touch your wardrobe, choose beautiful dress

Meanwhile in the basement

- When refusing Fred, there is no h-scene 😊 When you are (as Julia here) submissive, the scene becomes more and more sexual.

Back with Monica

- Search for Julia, on the top floor, and downstairs. After you can’t find her, enter the basement and go to laundry room. You can find the dress here:


After that turn to the right, facing the ironing board:


The blue arrow shows where the iron can be found. The yellow one points on wooden cloth pins. By touching them, you increase bitchiness!

  • When you touch the spins, you can:
    • Hillbilly Julia (increase bitchiness)
    • Julia enjoys rare things (decrease bitchiness)
  • Touch the towels on the board. After that place your dress and the iron on the board.
  • Touch the iron and iron your dress.
  • Go to bedroom, dress yourself with the beautiful dress and leave room.
  • Go to the hall. There you can decide if to punish Julia or not.
    • I’m not leaving it like that... (increase bitchiness)
    • Julia works so hard already... (decrease bitchiness)
  • In both cases, you need to find hair dye. It’s to the right on the cabinet. Walk towards it.


  • Take the hair dye, go back and pour it on the carpet by clicking on the carpet and then choose hair dye from menu.
  • Go downstairs and talk with Julia.
    • Yes Julia, try to wipe it in your free time... (increase bitchiness)
    • No, Julia... (decrease bitchiness)
  • Go outside and talk with Fred, your driver. If you don’t ask him, what happened, you can immediately drive away.
    • Don’t ask, Say hello roughly (increase bitchiness)
    • Don’t ask. Just say hello (decrease bitchiness)
  • If you ask what happened, you again can choose to bring your neighbor or not.
  • If Fred brings him to you, you can choose:
    • I don’t care who he is… ((increase bitchiness)
    • Say hello politely… (decrease bitchiness)
    • I don’t care if you’re dead… (increase bitchiness)
    • He was in danger… ((decrease bitchiness)
    • Do you want to trample… (increase bitchiness)
    • Since it’s more … (decrease bitchiness)
    • Oh wow (increase bitchiness)
    • That scratch is barely... (decrease bitchiness)
  • If you choose “oh wow”, you can sue him.
    • 50.000 $ (increase bitchiness)
    • 500 $ (nothing happens)
    • So this stinky farm... (increase bitchiness)
    • What farm? What about... (nothing happens)

Monica’s office

  • Talk again with Fred and go to Monica’s office.
    • Bully Fred (increase bitchiness)
    • Silently go and use insta... (nothing happens, you arrive at office)
    • Continue bullying Fred... (increase bitchiness)
    • Silently go and use insta... (nothing happens, you arrive at office)
    • Continue bullying Fred... (increase bitchiness)
    • Silently go and use insta... (nothing happens, you arrive at office)
    • Continue bullying Fred... (increase bitchiness)
    • Click on office building, walk there, talk with girls and use the elevator.


  • Here are two secret items which influence your bitchiness. The globe increases bitchiness
  • The elephant (click on couch to walk there) decrease bitchiness
  • Talk with your secretary.
    • Why didn’t you... (increase bitchiness)
    • Alright dear (nothing)
    • Are you wasting my time... (increase bitchiness)
    • Alright, I’ll watch... (decrease bitchiness)
  • Go to your office!


  • By clicking on the projector, you increase bitchiness
  • Walk to your desk, take your mobile which is on the desk and dial. You talk with Steve when the girls enter the room.
    • Speak softly (nothing)
    • Insult Steve... (increase bitchiness)
    • Call them monkeys... (increase bitchiness)
    • Start a conversation (decrease bitchiness)
  • Start to talk to them again. Here you have two ways.

1) Kick them out (increase bitchiness)

    • Get rid of them now. (Then Dick calls), or

2) They’re not useless, but... (increase bitchiness)

    • Kick them out (increase bitchiness), leads to way 1
    • Make them strip completely (increase bitchiness)
  • Show them how real models work. Therefore go to photo studio.
  • Talk with Alex or Melanie, start the photo shoot…
    • Make Melanie a note (increase bitchiness)
    • Say it’s ok (decrease bitchiness)
    • Say he’ll be fired... (increase bitchiness)
    • Ask him to put himself... (decrease bitchiness)
    • My decision is final... (decrease bitchiness)
    • I SAID GET OUT... (increase bitchiness)
  • Go back to your office, walk to desk and then Dick calls. Take your mobile on the desk.
    • Because of the idiots... (increase bitchiness)
    • Because of the problems... (decrease bitchiness)
  • Leave the building, talk to Fred and go to Dick.
    • Only you can have... (increase bitchiness)
    • What’s the problem? (nothing)

  • Go to Gas station.

    • You’re a stupid person... (increase bitchiness)
    • You did what you could (decrease bitchiness)
  • Click on the entrance door to the right and enter the fuel station.
  • Walk to the red door and talk. Watch scene...
    • Is it polite to... (decrease bitchiness)
    • Get the cashiers attention... (increase bitchiness)
  • If you take this option, you need to break a bottle. By the way, here are again some interesting items...


The left items decrease bitchiness, while the one on the right increase bitchiness


  • Right next to the cake bar is a book shelf. Go there.
    • The book on the left decrease bitchiness because Monica likes lakes.
    • The one on the right about coffee makes Monica angry and increase bitchiness
  • Great. Now you walk to the shelf in the last corner. The next two pics show you how to get there...


  • Walk to the shelfs on your left, then click on the orange juice and walk again.


  • Now you should be here… and – you guessed it – we walk again by clicking on the beer shelf in the background.
  • Now we are here:


  • If you click on the bottle as you can see below, you can break it or not.
  • Break it. Watch scene... I guess it’s obvious what to click to see the most scenes 😉
    • Blame the cashier (increase bitchiness)
    • Agree on compensation (decrease bitchiness)
  • Leave the fuel station and talk twice to Fred.
  • Go to Dick’s office and talk with Dick. After that drive to clothing store.
    • I have already heard... (increase bitchiness)
    • Weather is... (decrease bitchiness)
    • Do not talk to me... (increase bitchiness)
    • Ok Fred (nothing)
  • In the store, to get all scenes, follow my instructions below...
  • There are three locations, where the dresses can be found. The order in which you select them is irrelevant. Here they are:



  • The order for the first two is:
  • Take a dress, walk to the dressing room, enter, touch the coat hook at the wall, touch the mirror and dress slowely. Then go to Dick outside.
    • Dick, if this is the best... (increase bitchiness)
    • Let’s check more... (decrease bitchiness)
  • Go back and put your own dress on, go to the next location.
  • Take a dress, walk to the dressing room, enter, touch the coat hook at the wall, touch the mirror and dress slowely. Then go to Dick outside.
    • I don’t like... (increase bitchiness)
    • I’ll look again. (decrease bitchiness)
  • Go back inside, dress again and go to third location.
  • Take a dress, walk to the dressing room, enter, touch the coat hook at the wall, touch the mirror and dress quickly. Watch scene
  • Reach it again quickly. Watch scene
  • Go back in and catch your own dress, then go to cashier.
    • Dick, why did you... (increase bitchiness)
    • You have a funny tie (nothing)
    • Dick, you’re ugly... (increase bitchiness)
    • Dick, that’s... (nothing)
    • I can take care of... (increase bitchiness)
    • If you need it... (nothing)
  • Go and talk to the saleswoman
    • To deal rudely... (increase bitchiness)
    • To communicate with the seller... (decrease bitchiness) This is only possible when you are not too bitchy.
    • To joke about Dick (increase bitchiness)
    • Take Dicks Hand... (decrease bitchiness)
  • Go outside, talk with Fred and go to Hotel La Grande.
    • It’s your fault ((increase bitchiness)
    • But we bought a dress (nothing)
  • When you arrive, walk inside and go to the restaurant.
  • Touch the chair and sit down.
  • When you sit in the chair and look at Dick, you have a hidden conversation:
    • Tell Dick, he’s funny (increase bitchiness)
    • To shut up... (nothing)
  • Talk with Dick
  • Take the options which are available for you... It’s obvious, which one are bitchy.
  • When you have enough of talking, take the option:
  • Where’s our dinner?
    • Take the option available for you (increase bitchiness) (decrease bitchiness)
    • Fire this fool (increase bitchiness)
  • Let’s go Dick (nothing)
  • Go back outside, talk with Fred and drive away.
    • Throw him out (increase bitchiness)
    • To get to the office (decrease bitchiness)
  • Talk with Fred and go home
    • Dick, fat bastard (increase bitchiness)
    • Dick screwed up... (decrease bitchiness)

  • Enter your house
  • Go to bedroom, put on home clothes, take a shower and go downstairs, talk to Julia.
  • Go to the kitchen and eat. Go to dining table and sit down by touching the right chair.
  • Go upstairs, change to lingerie and go to bed.

Meanwhile at gas station

  • If you want the full h-content with Fred and Christine, choose always the first option.
  • Enjoy the scenes... 😊


  • Put on homeware, shower, go downstairs, talk to Julia and have breakfast in the kitchen.
  • Go upstairs, put on business ware and go outside. Talk to Fred and go to gym.
    • Bully Fred (increase bitchiness)
    • Silently go and use Insta (you immediately arrive at gym)
    • Continue bullying Fred (increase bitchiness)
    • Silently go and use Insta (you immediately arrive at gym)
    • Continue bullying Fred (increase bitchiness)
    • Continue bullying Fred (increase bitchiness)


  • Enter the gym, go to locker room and talk to Rebecca (blonde girl)
  • Everything was amazing (decrease bitchiness, important later for happy ending 2)
  • Dick is an idiot (increase bitchiness, important for later, you are not nice with Dick)
    • Stephanie, you are provincial... (increase bitchiness)
    • ... (decrease bitchiness)


  • Change your clothes (click as marked above)
  • Go to gym, talk with instructor and start doing yoga.
    • Refuse rudely (increase bitchiness)
    • Say NO (nothing happens)
  • Go back and change clothes again. Watch scene
  • Mrrrrr... (watch h-content)
  • Next time you’re smarter (you miss the scene)
  • Hidden scene: If choosen “Mrrr” before, go back in the gym and the locker room. 😉
  • When you are done, talk to Fred, drive to the bank and talk with the redhead girl.
    • YOU HAVE BEEN EXTREMELY... (increase bitchiness)
    • I understand perfectly (nothing happens)
  • Talk to Fred again and drive to Steve’s office.

Steve’s office

  • Talk with his secretary Jane
    • You both will disappear... (increase bitchiness)
    • I will go kick your boss’ ass (nothing happens)
  • Go to Steve’s office, talk with him four times.
    • If you lie to me... (increase bitchiness)
    • But I will remember... (nothing happens)
  • Leave Steve’s office and talk again to his secretary Jane
    • It doesn’t matter anymore. (increase bitchiness)
    • I’ll look at your behavior (decrease bitchiness)
  • Leave, talk to Fred and drive to your office
    • I’m tired of these pedestrians (increase bitchiness)
    • Silently go and use Insta (you immediately arrive at your office)

Monica’s office

  • Go inside, use elevator, talk to your secretary, go to your desk and have a cup of tea.
  • Find your phone. It’s here:


  • After you received your phone, go outside, talk to Fred and drive to the clothing store
    • Bully Fred (increase bitchiness)
    • Silently go and use Insta (you immediately arrive at the store)
    • Continue bullying Fred (increase bitchiness)
    • Silently go and use Insta (you immediately arrive at the store)
  • Walk down the street. Walk to crossroad and face the whores.
    • Berate the prostitutes (increase bitchiness)
    • Pity her (decrease bitchiness)
  • Walk down the street and talk to Kebab dude.
    • Oh my god, what animal is this? (increase bitchiness)
    • Refuse politely (decrease bitchiness)

Clothing store

  • Walk to clothing store, go inside, talk to cashier and give back the dress.
    • No BUTS, bitch! (increase bitchiness)
    • Just return the dress (decrease bitchiness)
  • Walk the way back to the street corner, talk to Fred and go home.
    • Continue yelling at him (increase bitchiness)
    • Silently go and use Insta (you immediately arrive at home)

At home

  • At home do as told. Change, take a shower and have dinner. Change to underware and go to sleep.


    • Fire someone (increase bitchiness)
    • Just a good day... (decrease bitchiness)
    • Fire Tiffany and Jane (increase bitchiness)
    • Give them a chance (decrease bitchiness)
    • Fire Fred (increase bitchiness)
    • Give him a chance (decrease bitchiness)
  • Change your clothes, take a bath or shower. Talk to Julia and have breakfast.
  • Change to beautiful dress, go outside and talk to Fred. Drive to your office.

Secret Ending 1 / police station

  • If you have been super nice all the time and clicked on all items which decrease your bitchiness, you will not get arrested by Marcus now. You can click on “I’ll come another time, not now”.
  • Why not come there (brings you to Marcus and the story continues)
  • Go on the police station and talk to the policewoman twice!
  • Choose “Yes get him here” to continue.
  • Talk to the detective and enter (your fate)
  • Talk with Marcus and try to leave

A9R1389jkp 1daumgg 6y8.jpg

  • Talk several times with Marcus, try to escape again and finally find yourself in the cell.

DAY 3 - 15

  • Walk to the bars. The others prisoners notice you.
  • Talk to them… Your choice doesn’t matter here.
  • Sleep again.
  • Make some noise at the bars and finally go to bed hungry.
  • Joggle the bars until the overseer comes back. Depending on your bitchiness you have two options now.
  • Trick the guard to find out his name
  • Please” Let me eat!
  • Continue with the story for several days from now on.
  • When the other prisoners find out about your plans at some day, you can choose to show off yourself to them or to threaten them to shut their mouths.
    • I know how to (Monica doesn’t show off herself)
    • I have no choice (Monica acts lewd)
  • Continue with the story until the prisoners want to see more
    • I know how to (Monica doesn’t show off herself)
    • I have no choice (Monica acts lewd)
  • Continue with the story until the prisoners want to see more
    • I know how to (Monica doesn’t show off herself)
    • I have no choice (Monica acts lewd)
    • I’m not showing you anything (Monica doesn’t show off herself)
    • Maybe somehow to pull… (Monica acts lewd)
    • I WILL NOT DO IT... (Monica doesn’t show off herself)
    • I have no choice (Monica acts lewd)
  • Continue the linear story here until you nearly get raped and you are brought to Marcus.
  • Sit on the chair and talk to Marcus several times.
    • You disgusting bastard (punishment)
    • ... (no punishment)
  • You are brought again to Marcus upstairs. Take a seat and talk to him until you reach the point as seen below. You can only choose first option.

A9Rz7hdfn 1daumgj 6y8.jpg

  • Get out of the place
  • Walk to your home and argue with the guard there.
  • Go to Dick’s office and get rejected.
  • Click on the map after you left the building in the top right corner of the screen.
  • Go to hotel La Grande.
  • Talk with the reception Admin and go back on the streets again.
  • Go to the clothing store and enter the changing room. Leave it again. Now the cashier should have left the shop. Go to the cashier’s desk and take the chocolate. Enter again the changing room and click on the couch. You can sleep now there.

DAY 16

  • When you wake up, the shop girl is back.
    • The police will come... (depends on your bitchiness, increases it)
    • There’s no need... (depends on your bitchiness, decreases it)
  • After finishing the dialogue, go outside on the street and go to Dick’s office.
  • Talk with the secretary downstairs, then go to the offices and talk to Dick’s personal secretary.
  • After you can find no chairs (there are none), go back and talk to her again.
  • Leave the building.
  • Go to a random other location and then come back to Dick’s office.
  • Talk again to his secretary upstairs and then leave again.
  • Go again somewhere else. When you return to Dick’s office, it should be evening.
  • Talk to his secretary again, leave and click on map.
  • Go to the street corner.
  • Go to the Shawarma guy and talk with him.
    • That filthy alley that... (increase bitchiness)
  • Go to “Gateway” and enter the hostel as you see here:

A9R1rit3nx 1daumgm 6y8.jpg

  • Talk to Perry.
  • To continue, choose “It, Ma’am, I was right”...
  • Choose “Perry, let’s make a deal”
  • Choose “I agree”
  • Put you dress in the box.

A9Rck48qp 1daumgp 6y8.jpg

  • Click on Perry again when she shows you her hairy cunt, decline and go to dormitory.
  • Take a shower and go to bed. (You can and should – not only here – look always around).
  • Meanwhile in the shop:
  • Relax (h-content)
  • Go home (no bonus scene)

DAY 17

  • Take a shower and escape the threat. On the way, pic up the whore clothes:

A9R1and97k 1daumgs 6y8.jpg

  • Go to the edge of the house and wear them:

A9R1nkja7n 1daumgv 6y8.jpg

  • Go back and then to clothing store.
  • Enter the store and leave it again. Click on map and go to Dick.
  • After talking with his secretary, click on Dick’s office door and enter.
  • Finally you can talk to Dick. Click several times on him.
    • YOU FAT SLUG (the story continues)
    • Dick, really... (secret happy ending #2. It just works, if you have always been nice to Dick in every decision concerning him).
  • When done talking with Dick, leave his office building. At the street, you spot Fred standing there. Talk to him.
  • Enter the car and drive to “your” home.
  • Fred makes you a proposal.
    • I don’t want to (no option)
    • I’ve never done … (you give a hj)
    • Speed up motions (you finish the scene with a hj)
    • Fred, will you stop? (more h-content incl. bj)
  • After talking to the new owners of your home, enter the building.
  • Go upstairs in the bathroom and put on new maid uniform.
  • Try to take a shower. After that go to kitchen and try to eat.
  • Upstairs, go to the guest bedroom.

A9Rkytgkd 1daumgy 6y8.jpg

  • Betty comes again and throws you out.
  • Go in the lounge downstairs and talk to Ralph about the money.
  • After that, go in the basement. Enter laundry. From there you can proceed.
  • Go deeper in the basement and take the far corridor.
  • Take your fashion magazine from the table, change clothes. Go to bed and sleep well…
  • Save the game before you sleep. You can use your safe file for Episode 2 😊