Alex Photographer

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Alex Photographer

Alex Photographer

Alex Photographer locations: Monica's Office, Photo Studio

Works as a photographer at the office of Monica's fashion magazine.


Just like any other member of the fashion industry, Alex follows all the modern trends. He wears a lush bob cut with sideways locks, a "petite goatee"-style beard, a striped red-and-white jumper, and skinny pants. His trendy look is complemented by a loosely tied scarf he wears on his neck that screams "you're looking at an artist".


Alex loves making sexy photos. At the order of his new boss, Biff, he tries to make every photo shoot as lewd as possible, despite the model's protests. Alex is a professional so he only works with top models. However, every man and can be negotiated with if you give him what he wants ;).


Alex works at the office, he can always be found in the photo studio.