Dick the Lawyer

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Dick the Lawyer

Dick the Lawyer

Dick the Lawyer locations: Dick's Office, Clothing Shop


Has a big crush for Monica, because he admires powerful and attractive women. He also is a big fan of Melanie.

Monica visits a clothing store with Dick at their date. If Monica always answers nice to Dick at their date (and gives the correct answer about their date to Stephanie and Rebecca later), it will lead to happy ending #2 after Monica's stay at the prison.
Answers to achieve this are:

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After her first stay in prison, Monica visits him. Dick offers her to help her to restore her originally citizenship. But he demands a favor of her: buying him a tie that looks good. Even when he know Monica didn't have a shelter or money or documents, he insist on this task, dismissing her objections.

Dick is completely under the spell of his secretary Victoria, who sees Monica as a threat to her relation to Dick. So she manages to keep Monica away of him.

Melanie finds out at a meeting with Dick that he lost interest in Monica after she lost her power, wealth and aloofnes, because he was attracted to this attributes of her. He even doesn't care for Monica is being forced to go to farm 218 when he would cancel her case.