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Betty Roberts

Betty Roberts

Betty Roberts locations: Home, House Top Floor, Kitchen, Main Bedroom, Bathroom, House Laundry, Bardie's College, Gym

Ralph Roberts's wife. Lives with her husband and their son Bardie in Monica's former home.


Betty's blond hair is gathered in a high ponytail on the back of her head and bangs brushed to one side. Her scarf and the skirt of her dress are adorned with a flower pattern and her flashy makeup with scarlet lipstick is complemented by a pair of ring earrings.


Betty is an ideal of beauty and faithfulness for her husband, that's why their marriage is bound by a prenup that prohibits her from cheating. Despite her integrity, Bardie is gradually collecting incriminating pictures of her on his phone. If he shows those pictures to Ralph, she'll be left penniless. However, while Ralph is kept in the dark about them, Betty has complete control over her husband.


Betty had moved from the countryside after her husband got a promotion. Nowadays, since Ralph was offered a high position in the company, she doesn't have to work so she's inside Monica's former home. She rarely leaves that place, mostly to visit the gym, the college, her old friend's place, or her new neighbor to prove her aptitude as a housewife and her loyalty to her husband. She has to try really hard for that sometimes...